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Where can I watch Eisteddfod yr Urdd?

On your TV go to the S4C channel.

There will be a live programme reflecting the event between 10.30 – 18.30.

At 20.00 you will be able to see the day’s highlights. 

All the programmes will be on demand on S4C Clic and iPlayer.

Where can I watch the competitions from the red, white and green pavilions?

Go to https://s4c.cymru/clic

There will be a live stream of all the competitions as they happen in each pavilion. 

The stream will be up at 08.00 each morning and the competitions will start at 08.30.

This is a live stream only and will not be on demand.

Can I watch the winners of each competition?

It’s possible to watch the competitors who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the website s4c.cymru/urdd.

Find the competition of your choice and the clips will be there in a short while after the result has been announced.

Will there be any full competitions on the website?

It is not possible to watch competitions in full on demand on the website. 

We are trialling this service with 5 choral competitions this year and on those competitions you will see the option to watch the competition in full. 

We hope to enhance this service in years to come.

Do I have to register for Clic in order to watch content?

Yes. You need to register for Clic before watching and it is advisable to do so before the event.

How do I register for Clic?

Either press the ‘registration’ button on the website https://s4c.cymru/urdd or go to https://S4C.cymru/clic/MyS4C/SignUp where it’s possible to set up an account in 2 easy steps. 

  1. Input your name and email address and choose a password. 
  2. You will need to choose your preferred language and agree to S4C’s Terms and conditions. Press ‘register’ and you’re good to go.
Can I watch Clic on my phone or tablet?

You can download the Clic app to enjoy the content on your phone or tablet.

Is there an Urdd app?

There is an Urdd app which you can download. This will include competition details, field event  and everything you need to know to enjoy the week.

Will there be Cyw and Stwnsh shows on the field?

Yes. There will be numerous Cyw and Stwnsh shows at Yr Adlen.

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