Eisteddfod T guidelines for filming with a phone

  • Please ensure your phone settings have been set to the best possible resolution e.g. If you have an iPhone go to Settings - Camera - Record Video - 1080p HD at 30fps (default).
  • Try to hold the phone as stable as possible.


  • We require videos to be sent in LANDSCAPE mode, so please hold your phone on it’s side.


  • Make sure you are standing no further than 1 metre away from your camera phone this will ensure that the audio will be loud enough on the recording.
  • Check that nothing is covering the microphone which is positioned at the bottom of every camera.


  • Do not stand in front of a window.
  • Try and avoid filming in dark rooms.


  • Please wait a few a seconds after pressing record before starting your performance.

Vital Checks

  • After you have finished your performance, please check the video clip that you can see and hear yourself properly.